Long term businesses:

My family business is Marshal Equipment. We work with all the banks and petroleum companies in the region and have been doing so for the past 30 years out of Dubai.

As such I been fortunate to work here for 12 years now, where I run the day to day operations and business strategy looking forward.  We operate in over 15 countries and have over 45 staff, some who are the second generation of the same families that have been with us since day one.  Here is some more information for your consumption: http://www.marshal-me.com/


As a family office and portfolio of investments, I have now started at looking to diversify our portfolio of investments that are independent and connected to our family business. The following are some of them: Weslodge, Morah.  There are several that are always under constant review, so I expect the portfolio to grow this year again.

Startups and the VC World/Entrepreneurship UAE and Global:

I have Mentored at ADGM/GlassQube’s FinTech weekend and exploring a closer working relationship.  More recently I was a Mentor at the StartUp Weekend at Sheraa in Sharjah.  I am also going to looking to work with DIFC and the Fintech Hive, speaking directly to the program manager and meeting with the group head of business development shortly.

I am a mentor at the following Incubators and Accelerators for now:

Intelak Dubai, StartUp Fintech BootCamp Mumbai, 1776 (Global Program)

I am currently been asked to potentially mentor a number of incubator and accelerators in the UAE.

My own startup:

I am also a co-founder of my own start-up in the automotive field called STUKK, which is 12 months old now and shortly launching.  www.STUKK.in. It has global intentions.

The following are the companies I have invested in myself:

MyCujoo, It has been valued 10x in just 1 year.

Alem Health, Started in Dubai, now heading to the USA with Y Combinator.

Brapp, Started in Dubai and global.

WOMENA, I am in investor here and work closely with them.

JANNARELLY, I have been supporting the company in various ways. I even bought the first car from them and am also an advisor to the company. It is being made completely in Dubai and the first company to do so in the UAE.

Companies I advise:

KEZA, Comae, I have been asked to advise a number of startups coming from Abu Dhabi that I cannot disclose at this point in time, but they are all backed by a major sovereign wealth fund.  The list is growing. I also travel frequently to the United States on this topic.

There is more to come and this year will be an interesting one for sure.