Eman Al Mahmoud is the Strategy and Partnerships Manager of the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center “Sheraa”, a government entity - chaired by Sheikha Bodour bint Sultan Al Qasimi - that aims to develop the entrepreneurship ecosystem in the UAE and create the next wave of entrepreneurs. In her role Eman oversees the formulation and implementation of the Sheraa strategy; this includes building strategic capabilities in key places in the organizations as well as identifying opportunities for business development. Eman is also in charge of the of the cultivating and managing the network of all the key stakeholders of Sheraa in both the government and private sectors, through setting up and maintaining effective productive relationships and a healthy dialogue.   In her previous role, as Strategist at Sharjah Business Women Council, Eman shaped the role that the institution took in mentoring and supporting women entrepreneurs in the country.   Prior to joining Sharjah Business Women Council, Eman was an assistant director at the Sharjah Girl Guides. Eman also has extensive experience in the healthcare field having worked in both local and federal entities.

Eman holds an EMBA from the University of Sharjah, and has attended development programs from Her Highness’s Executive Office as well as the Sharjah Leadership Program.